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Summer Art Camp | July 15th-July 19th (1:00-3:00) | Ages 12+

Summer Art Camp | July 15th-July 19th (1:00-3:00) | Ages 12+

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Summer Art Camp for Teen Creators

From Monday to Friday, embark on a journey of creative exploration as we delve into the exciting realms of clay sculpting, printmaking, wire tree making, jewelry crafting, and more.

Monday - Clay 101: Dive into the tactile world of clay sculpting where young artists will mold their imagination into three-dimensional masterpieces. 

Tuesday - Print Making: In this class, you'll discover the magic of creating your own personalized designs that you can print again and again. Learn the step-by-step process of printmaking, from conceptualizing your design to bringing it to life through various techniques.

Wednesday - Wire Tree Making: Learn the art of shaping and sculpting wire to create stunning tree-like structures. Explore fundamental techniques, including wire bending, twisting, and wrapping, to bring your vision to life.

Thursday - Jewelry Making: Sparkle and shine as we explore the art of jewelry making. From wire wrapping to beadwork, students will design and create their own unique pieces, discovering the magic of wearable art and self-expression.

Friday - Clay 101: Students will revisit clay sculpting, bringing their creations to life with a painting session. Guided by our experienced instructors, they'll add the finishing touches to their sculptures, transforming them into vibrant works of art.

Join us for a summer filled with creativity, exploration, and artistic expression! Each session is crafted to nurture skills, foster imagination, and inspire a lifelong love for the arts.

No experience necessary. Ages 12+

For any questions about summer camps, please email us at

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