Paint Your Own Pottery

How does it work? 

During the Paint Your Own Pottery process, guests can choose any piece from our diverse ceramic collection. Our instructors will assist in providing the necessary paints and refills throughout the painting process. For added convenience and versatility, we provide painters tape, stamps, and stencils that guests can utilize to enhance their designs. Our instructors are always readily available to offer guidance and tips on bringing design ideas to life. Once the painting is complete, guests will leave their pieces with us for the glaze firing process. Pottery is typically ready to be picked up in 7-14 days after painting. 



What is the cost?
  • Alongside the cost of the chosen pottery piece, we have a sitting fee of $8 per guest. This fee covers the use of our studio space, access to painting supplies, and the assistance provided by our knowledgeable staff. Pottery pieces range from $8-$45. Most pieces average around $15-25. 

How long does the painting process take?

  • The duration of the painting process varies based on individual creativity. Typically, we suggest giving yourself 2 hours to finish your masterpiece. 
Can children participate in Paint Your Own Pottery?
  • Absolutely! For children under the age of 14, we kindly request that they are accompanied by an adult throughout the process. 
How long does it take for my painted pottery to be ready for pickup?
  • After completing the painting process, guests can anticipate their pottery to be ready for pickup within 7-14 business days. We'll promptly notify via text message when the pottery is ready to be picked up. We do have 60 day pickup policy. If pottery is not picked up within 60 days, it will be donated. 

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